User Management

You have the ability to add unlimited new users into your organization, allowing for collaboration and efficient management of projects and administrative tasks.

What is a user?

A user in the context of the KBOSS administration panel is an individual account that belongs to your organization or "Team". Users have the capability to create and manage projects, handle billing, and perform other administrative tasks.

Adding New Users

  1. Accessing the Team Section: Click on the Team button in the menu to access your organization's team management area.

  2. Inviting New Users: From the Team section, you can invite new users to your organization. Simply enter the email address of the individual you wish to add and send the invitation.

  3. Unique Invitation URL: Each invited user will receive an email containing a unique invitation URL. This URL is crucial as it allows the invitee to complete their signup process and join your team on the KBOSS platform.

  4. Completing Signup: The invitation email will include instructions on how to complete the signup process. Invitees will need to follow these instructions to set up their account and gain access to the KBOSS administration panel.

User Management Best Practices

  • Regularly Update Team: Keep your organization's team list updated by regularly reviewing and managing user access and roles.

  • Secure Invitation Process: Ensure that the invitation emails and URLs are sent securely and only to intended recipients to maintain the integrity of your team’s security.

  • Monitor User Activity: Regularly monitor user activities within the KBOSS administration panel to ensure compliance with your organization's policies and standards.