A "Project" is a foundation of an integration with the Cocoon Data KBOSS cryptography API. It is a configuration layer setting various functional parameters crucial for your integration. Through a project, you can define and customize settings to meet your specific encryption and data handling requirements.

Creating a new project

When creating a new project, you will need to provide several pieces of information to tailor the service to your needs. Each form item plays a unique role in how your project will be structured and how your data will be handled:

  1. Project Name: This is the identifier for your project. Choose a name that is easily identifiable and reflects the purpose of the project.

  2. Project Environment: You can select between different environments such as 'development' (dev), 'staging', and 'production'.

    • Development: Typically used for testing and development purposes.
    • Staging: An intermediate stage where you can test in a production-like environment.
    • Production: The live environment where your application will be in actual use.
  3. Project Region: Specify the geographic location or region where your data will be processed and stored. This is important for compliance with local data residency regulations and can impact data latency and accessibility.

  4. Content Scanning: This feature scans for viruses and malicious payloads, such as SQL injection attacks. It's a critical security measure to protect your data from being compromised.

  5. AI Content Type Detection: This is an AI-driven feature that makes an educated guess about the classification of your data. It helps in automating the sorting and handling of data based on its type.

  6. Enabling a Dedicated Hardware Security Module (HSM): Opt for a dedicated HSM to enhance the security of your cryptographic operations. HSMs provide a tamper-resistant environment for securely generating, managing, and storing cryptographic keys.

Final Steps

After filling in these details, review your choices to ensure they align with your project's requirements as they cannot be changed after creation. Once satisfied, submit the form to create your new project.