Cocoon Data: Basic Access Controls

This tutorial is about using Cocoon Data's basic access controls to manage data sharing within your organization. Let's jump right in!

Controlling Access to Your Data

Cocoon Data allows you to regulate who can access your shared data and how. To share a file or folder, either select the Share icon or right-click on the item you want to share.

Once in the sharing menu, input the email address of the contact you wish to grant access to this item.

Next, select the level of access permissions you want them to have. As you choose each option, you can read about what these access controls permit the user to do.

After determining the access permissions, click Add to save the collaborator and their access level.

You can continue adding other users in the same manner or click Share to finalize the process. The collaborators you've listed will receive an email notification with instructions on how to access the shared file or folder.

Note: There are more advanced access controls available in Cocoon Data, which will be covered in another tutorial. Stay tuned!