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Cocoon Data discusses CMMC with ATLAS Systems

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Cocoon Data’s Senior Engineer of US GovCloud Operations, Nick Martin, was invited as a guest speaker to discuss CMMC with Atlas Systems Integration and Support Technologies President, Narada Overton. 

With the focus on Cocoon Data, Mr. Martin provided a detailed demonstration and discussion with Mr. Overton regarding how Cocoon Data can help organizations meet CMMC requirements. 

“The great thing about Cocoon Data, is it’s super easy to use. You don’t need to be an IT guy to start providing access controls, audit logs for your small shop. We have customers that their job is not in IT admin, they’re a small mom and pop shop and they can use Cocoon Data to help secure regulated data very easily.” – Nick Martin.

Cocoon Data provides truly granular access controls in an easy-to-use interface that empowers organizations to easily manage regulated data and reduces the cost of CMMC compliance. 

How does Cocoon Data help with CMMC?

As a Cocoon Data administrator you are in an overwatch position with the data in your organization’s care. You can enforce access control policies for data owners to abide by, monitor the audit logs, create clearances for data classifications and control data sharing with approved Whitelisted organizations/individuals.

How many CMMC practices does Cocoon Data help satisfy?

Cocoon Data helps organizations satisfy 37 CMMC practices within maturity levels 1 through 3, which is 29% of the overall requirements. This aids organizations in reducing scoping requirements and overall cost. 

To view the Cocoon Data alignment mapping to CMMC click here.

Geofencing can be used as MFA

“Geofencing can be used as a multi-factor authentication alternative if you can’t use multi-factor tokens on your phone. So, if you can’t install an app on your phone, and you can’t receive text messages, how are you supposed to satisfy multi factor authentication right? You can use geofencing as an alternative… Let’s say there’s a use case where a military facility doesn’t let people install applications on their phone, or doesn’t even let them have those phones inside those facilities – you can whitelist a facility, let’s say the White House in this example, and then you can satisfy that multifactor authentication because you have to know, first of all, where that location is, and then you have to physically be there.”– Nick Martin

No Software Solution can meet all CMMC requirements

With reference to the mandatory CMMC introduction, Overton states “If you can take 25% of that heavy lifting off the shoulders of a customer and let them know – that software can’t solve everything. Software can’t solve your physical access, software can’t solve your training requirements, it can’t solve a lot of those things and that’s just understood. But if you can take 25% of the burden off the shoulders of the customer, that’s a huge lift.”

So while Cocoon Data (or any other software solution) can’t solve all your CMMC requirements, it can provide you with the correct tools to manage and protect your sensitive data in line with CMMC standards.

To see the benefit of Cocoon Data in action, watch our video here

GCC High isn’t the only solution

According to DFARS 7012, CMMC and CMMC AB there is no requirement to move to an expensive solution like GCC High. An organization can meet the new regulation at an affordable price with Cocoon Data at $15 per month / per user – cancel anytime.

Get a head start on your CMMC journey with Cocoon Data.


May 20, 2021

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