Highly Secure, End to End Encrypted File Storage and File Sharing for Team Collaboration


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SafeShare is a highly secure, encrypted file storage , file sharing and collaboration tool that includes controlled, authorized access to external as well as internal parties to meet your compliance needs.

When you have sensitive , controlled unclassified information (CUI) or classified information that needs to be stored or you wish to share files with trusted 3rd parties. 

SafeShare is a Data-Centric Secure solution with:

  • True “End to End” Encryption 
  • One Encryption Key for each file 
  • Encrypts files at the user’s device before they are uploaded.
  • Detailed history of file sharing for future auditing requirements
geo-fencing screen shot
Restrict access to a file by location with Geofencing

Why SafeShare


Superior protection against unauthorized access to confidential files or network security breaches.


Reduce the potential for insider threats by blinding the Administrator from access to the encrypted files.


Enables secure collaboration with internal as well as external parties.


Overhead savings with centrally managed security policies that are easy to administer and can be managed within the business unit.

What sets SafeShare apart from the rest!

Unique Patented Approach

SafeShare has a unique patented approach to providing data centric security and control around 3 core elements.  This provides unique control over your data and simplifies implementing policies for compliance. 

Allows for greater control

With the ability to have each file encrypted as it is loaded onto the device, SafeShare ensures greater control over access with features like:

  • Geofencing – protecting your files by location or country
  • Time Based Control – limiting access to within a time period
  • Dynamic Watermarking – discouraging taking a screenshot
  • Enabling/Disabling either files or users – important for compliance

SafeShare also makes it easier to comply when working with Sensitive or Classified Data. When you select SafeShare to securely store Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), Federal Contract Information (FCI) in our US FedRAMP infrastructure it will help your enterprize comply with the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) for US Dept of Defense supply contractors.

Revolutionising data sovereignty & security

With our patented underlying technology and a new product direction, we’re revolutionizing data sovereignty and security by making government and military solutions available to small, medium and large businesses globally.


Military Grade Encryption

We create a unique encryption key as the file is uploaded in the device using AES-256 in compliance with FIPS 140-2 in addition to secure connections using SSL.



When receiving Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) under the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certfication (CMMC), SafeShare's high level of security can help you to achieve your CMMC maturity level.


Data Sovereignty

You choose the country where you securely store  your data, with our SaaS hosting data sovereignty options. 

USA FedRAMP,  UK G-Cloud,  Australia IRAP


ITAR & EAR Compliant

Our US government platform implements systems that are managed exclusively by US nationals for businesses that must meet International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 


GDPR Compliant

Our in-house DPO oversees our data protection programme to ensure we fully meet our obligations under the EU GDPR.


Certified to ISO/IEC 27001

We are fully certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and undertake regular external audits to ensure we meet strict, documented standards.

 Using SafeShare can assist in obtaining your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

ITAR Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
FIPS Compliant
ISO Compliant

Over the years our technology has been trusted to secure sensitive and classified
State and Federal Government information

“I would recommend SafeShare to any organization that needs to be in compliance with ITAR, and am confident the product and company will stand up to that reference.”

Cary Glover
Cast-Rite Corporation | US Defense Contractor

“As we all transition to work-from-home arrangements, it is more important than ever to ensure our information is protected. Cocoon Data’s cloud file sharing service is second to none!”

The Hon. Christopher Pyne
Former Australian Minister for Defence

Download Your Free Whitepaper 

ITAR and EAR Compliance in the Cloud

Find out how to create a ITAR and EAR compliant infrastructure for data.

  • Describes 4 main challenges
    • Most commercial cloud offerings are non ITAR compliant
    • Technical Data can be hard to define
    • Encryption of data in transit and at rest is not the same as End-to-End Encryption
    • Native permissions management capabilities are insufficent
  • Discover specfic controls SafeShare can address
Cover of Whitepaper on ITAR and EAR
No Lock in annual Contract

Military Grade Security for your Sensitive Files only:

$ 25.00
per member/ per month
  • 1TB Storage per organization
  • Data Sovereignty Choice
  • Start with one member, add extra members as required
  • Share files with guests for free
  • No lock in contracts - flex month by month
  • All prices exclude local taxes
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Yes – you can try Safeshare for 14 days with full functionality and 1TB of Storage, you can set your team up with unlimited members and guests to try it out.

 Just click here to registered for the free 14 day trial – no obligation

A member is a registered user or any person or role on your team with a unique email address that is added as a new user via the organization panel.  

A registered user is able to do the following, if permitted by the Administrator:

Uploading, Storing and sharing content securely

Folders and Files

  • Create Folders and upload files 
  • Control access to Folders and files
  • Share folders and files
  • Managing, viewing and printing files
  • Edit in office Online
  • Download files

Access Control

  • Classify documents
  • Viewing activities on secure content
  • Managing secure content

The Register User has the ability to be an administrator

A Guest is any person on your team or 3rd party outside the organization that you choose to share data with.

There is no limit to the number of guests and no cost incurred.

A guest can be added by email invitation from registered user, if permitted.

Files shared by a registered user and there guests must conform to the security policy established by the organization.

A guest is able to do the following, if permitted by the registered user or Administrator:

  • Viewing and downloading files
  • Printing files
  • Uploading files to a registered users folder

To subscribe, simply order one membership and as extra members  as needed, each addition member is $25.00 per month (ex tax).  End of the month you will be invoiced for the total number of members  for that month.

Once you have 25 members or more – discounts apply – see pricing for more details

An unlimited number of guests can be invited anytime at no charge.

We allocate 1TB of storage for each organization. As you increase the number of members each member is allocated a plan which controls their storage. If you wish to increase from the standard storage, please email support. 

As a registered user you have access to user documention and support via email which is constantly monitored.

When you first subscribe to SafeShare even as 1 user, you have access to full admin rights and can establish policies, data plans, document classifications and document access controls.

SafeShare Features

ISO 27001
Australia Privacy Act
Device Availability
Web & Desktop
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 365 - Online Editing
Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP)
SAML 2.0
Access Controls
Geofencing of data
Dynamic Watermarking
Limit admin data access
IP & Domain Whitelisting
Enforced SSL (HTTPS)
Unique encryption key per file
AES-256 File Encryption
Client side cryptography (on-device)
Multi Factor Authentication
Detail file access log
System-wide reporting
Data Storage Location Options
United States
United Kingdom
Private Cloud Option