Military Grade, Highly Secure,
End to End Encrypted File Storage
& File Sharing Platform


geo-fencing screen shot
Restrict access to a file by location with Geofencing

SafeShare is a military grade, highly secure, encrypted file storage , file sharing and collaboration tool that includes controlled, authorized access to external as well as internal parties to meet your compliance needs.

When you have sensitive, controlled unclassified information (CUI) or classified information that needs to be stored or you wish to share files with 3rd parties, trust SafeShare.

SafeShare is a Data-Centric Secure solution with:
  • True “End to End” Encryption 
  • One Encryption Key for each file 
  • Encrypts files at the user’s device before they are uploaded.
  • Detailed history of file sharing for future auditing requirements

Why SafeShare is the Secure Choice for Sharing and Storing Data

With its patented underlying technology SafeShare provides a simple and effective solution for securing sensitive data for government and military applications. SafeShare runs on AWS GovCloud (US) and is an affordable solution for small, medium and large businesses globably.

SafeShare’s patented underlying technology is based on three core principles:

  • Identity – who are you sharing information with
  • Policy – how, when and where can this file be shared to a person or group of people
  • Encryption – when the identity and policy criteria is met the files unique encryption key is then released

With this approach SafeShare enables you to securely share files and reduce the risk of emailing a link to the wrong person – an all too common human error security breach

Use Case – reduce a human error breach


Military Grade Encryption

We create a unique encryption key as the file is uploaded in the device using AES-256 in compliance with FIPS 140-2 in addition to secure connections using SSL.



When receiving Federal Contract Information (FCI) or Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) under the new Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certfication (CMMC), SafeShare's high level of security can help you to achieve your CMMC maturity level.


Data Sovereignty

You choose the country where you securely store  your data, with our SaaS hosting data sovereignty options. 

USA FedRAMP,  UK G-Cloud,  Australia IRAP


ITAR & EAR Compliant

Our US government platform implements systems that are managed exclusively by US nationals for businesses that must meet International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) 


GDPR Compliant

Our in-house DPO oversees our data protection programme to ensure we fully meet our obligations under the EU GDPR.


Certified to ISO/IEC 27001

We are fully certified to ISO/IEC 27001 and undertake regular external audits to ensure we meet strict, documented standards.

 Using SafeShare can assist in obtaining your Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

Superior Protection


End-to-End Encryption protects against unauthorized access to confidential files or network security breaches.


Reduce the potential for insider threats by blinding the Administrator from access to the encrypted files.


Enables secure collaboration with internal as well as external parties with a full audit history logged.


Overhead savings with centrally managed security policies that are easy to administer and can be managed within the business unit.

Greater Control


Geofencing – protecting your files by set location coordinates or country


Time Based Control - limiting access to within a time period


Dynamic Watermarking – Viewer email, location and time watermarked on selected files preventing screenshots and unauthorised sharing


Enabling/Disabling either files or users – Ensure secure collaboration with internal as well as external parties with a full audit history logged.

No Lock in annual Contract

Military Grade Security for your Sensitive Files:

$ 15.00
minimum 3 users/ per month
  • 1TB Storage per organization
  • Data Sovereignty Choice
  • Share files with external parties
  • No lock in contracts - flex month by month
  • Add and remove users
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