Health Sector

Healthcare Sector 


Cocoon Data have a number of clients across the healthcare sector and around the globe who are utilising SafeShare to address a number of Use Cases within the regulated  frameworks they must operate within. 

Cocoon Data sees this as a market that will grow significantly especially post Covid-19 as  the new normal returns and both private and public sector healthcare organisations look  for ways to improve collaboration, information sharing, research opportunities, and at the  same time ensure and improve outcomes for patients in the most secure and confidential  ways possible. 

  1. Transmission of referrals, reports, imaging, etc 

Within the healthcare sector there is an enormous amount of unstructured sensitive  data shared between many parties for the purpose of diagnosing and treating a  patient. This data historically has been shared in both analogue and insecure ways  and has been both inefficient but also has significant inherent risks.  

SafeShare has been able to address these challenges by providing an intuitive and  simple way for healthcare practitioners to securely share and collaborate on its  sensitive patient data be that patient referrals, patient notes, medical imaging and  shortly video formats will also be supported. 

The solution has enabled the efficient and secure exchange of information, the  effective role-based collaboration on this data and all within a secure auditable and  compliant way and that is the basis for further innovation going forwards. 


  1. Periodic Information exchange via API 

One of the largest Public Health Networks needed a better and far more secure way  to receive information from its large network of diverse healthcare providers. They implemented SafeShare via an AWS SaaS service across their network of  healthcare providers and partners as the standard way for all periodic information  (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc) to be securely exchanged with them. The  information received from the hundreds of providers is automatically captured via  the SafeShare API. 

The SafeShare solution has enabled a mandated standard way of securing,  exchanging and collaborating on patient sensitive, commercially sensitive and  politically sensitive information across the customers Public Health Network region.  This has improved security, confidence, compliance, reduced errors and costs and  improved collaboration and improved relationships between the PHN and its  providers and partners.



  1. HIPAA compliance 

A large US based learning institution uses SafeShare to store all its student  information (including healthcare) and was required to be HIPAA compliant. The SafeShare solution delivered to them via SaaS provides a secure, structured  records storage system for record keeping requirements that complies with HIPAA.  They have implemented multi-level role-based access controls to the sensitive  information.
When the institution has audits the SafeShare system has every record and every¬† ‚Äėtransaction‚Äô against that record recorded individually allowing easy and¬† comprehensive audit and compliance to be achieved.

  1. Ingest and delete 

A number of our healthcare clients receive sensitive real-time patient and related clinical information from their secure network of providers and partners. SafeShare has been utilised as it provides an automated and secure way of receiving  this information and using the open API’s the information is ingested into the  customers systems as required and then automatically deleted via the API’s. This has resulted in the most secure way of the sensitive information being received without human intervention and also ensures the information is always secured during receipt and then no longer available to anyone and any risks are therefore removed. 


  1. Research & medical trials data collaboration 

Healthcare organizations have a significant amount of patient and clinical data that can be used for research and development purposes. 

Safeshare is being used to enable the secure 2 way sharing of this information using  access controls to support secure downloads by authorised and identified parties. The use of SafeShare has improved the trust between the parties which has driven  the sharing of far more information thus increasing the potential benefits of the  research and trials. 


  1. KPI reporting 

One of our Healthcare clients has a business requirement to issue monthly and quarterly service provider performance reports via a KPI based report. 

SafeShare was chosen as it allows time-based release of this information to the  service providers as well as an audit trail of the access by them. 

SafeShare has an inbuilt watermarking feature (the person accessing’s email address) which discourages screen capture or taking photos of the screen which  further secures the information from potential leakage or at a minimum pinpoints  exactly where the leak has occurred. 

This has resulted in increased accountability and improvement to the service  providers KPI metrics and specifically where there may have been performance  issues that they have been able to be shared and addressed in a secure and  confidential way without risk of the data being available to competitors or the public  domain. 


  1. Local councils reporting & Geo based access controls  

A customer of SafeShare is required to provide local council reporting to support the  healthcare service delivery, planning and funding within that region. 

SafeShare has been chosen as it enables Geo-fencing of that information to within  the specific region as required.  

This has resulted (especially in Covid-19 times) in the confidence of secure and  timely exchange of information that cannot be accessed from outside of the defined.

‚ÄėGeo-fenced‚Äô region and that due to the access controls and file versioning features¬† of SafeShare can be relied upon as accurate and reliable.¬†

Cocoon Data is also looking to further develop its Secure Messaging solution driven by  market demand for a more secure and auditable trusted Australian solution AND  specifically to leverage the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards and enable Innovative organisations  and patients to benefit as a result.

Use Case – reduce a human error breach

Security Risk – Problem: Highly sensitive Medical Records need to be shared with external medical consultants and the medical practices secure network is not easily accessible to practitioners in remote locations due to Covid restrictions.


Solution:  Safeshare can help reduce a human error breach of say mistakenly sending a link or attachment to the wrong person,  we achieve this through our ability to provide granular control of the criteria of which the recipient is permitted to receive the file. This is performed through our patented underlying technologies 3 core principles of:


  1. Identity РThrough 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) can be set for identifying the receiving medical consultant,  identification is then confirmed that they are who they say they are. 
  2. Policy – The medical record is simply uploaded into SafeShare and the client’s Doctor selects the classification – of say,¬† ‚ÄúMedical Confidential‚ÄĚ in the SafeShare drop down list, then selects the person or group that they want to consult with from another drop down list.
    1. This classification can be based on the cybersecurity policy for the organisation and set by the administrator, Safeshare has capability to set the criteria for who, where and when this record can be accessed.  Once set it is transparent to the sender and receiver, but enforces strict conditions to allow the document to be reviewed.
    2. The receivers list of practitioners are pre-qualified to receive the security classification, preventing any mistaken identity.
  1. Encryption Рonce the cybersecurity policy conditions are met by the receiving practitioner, SafeShare releases the AES 256 encryption key that is unique to that document. The receiving practitioner based on there level of permissions can then either 
  1. View the record online with protective dynamic watermarking preventing visual recordings eg taking a photo, or:
  2. Download, print or edit the document – if editing, Safeshare has built in secure online access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint apps.


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