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The Cocoon Data solution

Cocoon Data is an Australian technology company exporting to the world.

Over the years our technology has been trusted to secure sensitive and classified State and Federal Government information in over 20 Australian Government Departments.

Cloud File Collaboration and Storage when compliance and security matter.

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SafeShare is the ultimate secure place to store and share files that is simple to use.

Why choose SafeShare for your sensitive files?

  • Provides you with granular control over who, when and where a file is accessed.
  • Your data is securely stored in an Australian IRAP certified infrastructure.
  •  Superior encryption with a unique single key encryption for each file.
  • Save cost and time when implementing and maintaining Cybersecurity policies for your sensitive data.

Geofencing allows you to grant access permission to files within a defined location by map coordinates.

ITAR Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
FIPS Compliant
ISO Compliant

SafeShare sets the highest bar with our approach to encryption

As each file is uploaded onto your device it is automatically encrypted with its own unique encryption key.

Unlike other file sharing tools, should a hostile intelligence actor attempt to brut force with an encryption key they would only get access to one file rather than your entire file collection.

Multi access controls
SafeShare’s Multi-level Access Control

Share your most sensitive files with confidence when applying multilayer access control.

Easy to use, SafeShare helps you you simply manage the policies that define who, where and when access is allowed to your sensitive data.

The level of access control provided by SafeShare will help embed the policies around the way PCI and CUI is stored, engaged and shared.

Access control can be layered to a granular level for each document owner so policies can be easily maintained. 

Patented Technology

SafeShare has a unique patented approach to providing data centric security and control around 3 core elements.  This provides unique control over your data and simplifies implementing policies for compliance.

3 Elements of core security


Your compliances polices are simple to manage with SafeShare through a multilayer of access controls that can easily be applied to a group of people, folder or file.

Technology Deployment Platforms offer a choice of either SaaS or Private Cloud

SafeShare is available via SaaS on AWS IRAP certified infrastructure with all data stored in Australia.  Alternatively SafeShare is cloud agnostic and can be deployed as an “on-prem” private cloud or through local data centres such as Vault, CDC or AWS.

SafeShare's Architecture

For further Information contact:

Scott Goyne
Scott Goyne
Director of Australian Federal Government – Cloud and Special Projects
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