Highly Secure – End to End Encryption for  

File Storage and Team Collaboration.

with policy driven access to control file sharing to external parties.

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SafeShare is a highly secure encrypted file storage and collaboration tool.

SafeShare’s military grade security is ISO270001 certified and uses a unique patented approach to providing data centric security and control around 3 core elements: 

3 Elements of core security

Your compliances polices are simple to manage with SafeShare through a multilayer of access controls that can easily be applied to a group of people, folder or file.

SafeShare’s encryption is highly secure with each file being automatically encrypted at the device with its own unique key, unlike other cloud based file sharing tools who typically only have one key for all files.

Key Features and Benefits

Business Benefits

  • Superior protection against unauthorized access to confidential files or network security breaches.
  • Full audit trial - who attempted to access which files and when.
  • Report on anyone who accessed any single file and what they did with it OR report on any users complete activity - inside and outside the organization firewall.
  • Each file is encrypted with a unique encryption key - meaning cryptographic functions are associated with each activity - this means a highly reliant audit log vastly superior to normal file server logs.
  • Not even the administrator can access file or see content - any attempt to change access control is broadcast to users - castle superior to standard internal file servers or cloud services.
  • Version control - between v1 and v2 SafeShare creates a new encryption key and stores a hash (algorithm 'fingerprint' that's immutable) of the change - no more fiddling with versions or logs.

Data-Centric Security

SafeShare is a secure file storage system that encrypts files at the user’s device before they are uploaded into the system. Access is controlled by authorised users who can allocate file or folder access permissions with a variety of options ranging from view only, to editing in browser, to full download access. Every step is securely logged for a full audit history. Access is logged against user ID and every unique encryption – there is no other audit like it.

When accessed by authorised individuals or staff using their bank credential, the encrypted document is either displayed on-screen as a watermarked pdf or downloaded and decrypted, depending on your access permissions.

This approach to high security data management is called ‘Data-Centric Security’, where the focus is on protecting the data itself, as the key assist, rather than reliance on traditional methods such as blocking intruders at the perimeter. 

Sensitive Data is Protected

Because the files are encrypted end-to-end, one unique encryption key for each file, even if the system was to be compromised, your documents are protected from being read by anyone that you have not authorized.

Even your IT systems administrator cannot access the files within SafeShare, unless specifically authorised to do so by the document owner. The encryption keys are strictly managed by SafeShare to enforce access control according to the permissions.

All File Types

SafeShare can encrypt files of any size or type.

File types up to 15MB are encrypted at the user’s device.

The ‘view only’ access permission is supported for 35 common file types, which SafeShare automatically converts to a watermarked pdf to enable this feature.

Internal and External Users, Fixed or Mobile Access
Now with Geofence locking 

SafeShare users can be physically located anywhere, either within or external to your company network.

Authorised users can access the system from a web browser, mobile devices via an IOS or Android app, or Windows client.

User validation can be set to ‘2 Factor Authentication’ (2FA) for additional security, where the logon includes verification from a mobile phone or computer app soft token or connected to company ID credential’s.

Time-based Access Control for Project Documentation Security 

Document availability schedules can be set to manage secure document sharing within a date/time window.

Use cases can include restricting access to sensitive files for the duration of a project or controlling availability of confidential documents during a tender process.

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Key Features

Data Sovereignty – you choose where you store your data.

USA – Australia – UK

  • Superior, end-to-end encryption with files encrypted at the user's device
  • Users can be internal or external to your organization
  • Access permission types for folders or files can be controlled directly by authorised users
  • Six user access permission types are available, ranging from view only through to full access
  • User permissions can be set for date/time windows
  • Easy to use with an intuitive user interface and click and drag operation
  • Use from a web browser, Apple/Androidmobile app or Windows client
  • 'SafeShare Trust' license option based on private blockchain technology provides an immutable (cannot be changed) file history and additional key management security


  • Originating from a military requirement, SafeShare was designed from the ground up as a secure vault with controlled collaboration
  • 'Data-Centric Security' approach for superior protection of sensitive data
  • Complies with many accreditation requirments for sensitive and confidential data -GDPR, ITAR, EAR, Aus Data Privacy Act
  • Satisfied SafeShare customers - SafeShare software is trusted by over 26 federal government agencies in Australia to protect sensitive data.

Technical and IT

  • Available as SAAS pay per member model
  • On-Prem available - easy one click deployement, operates on Linux for a lower cost operation system. Deploy on any cloud or on-premises infrastucture.
  • Supports large range of file types and sizes (>1GB depending on connection speed)
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Reporting on usage and logging of all activities
  • Active Directory or SAML integration

Unique Geofencing capability

Lock files anywhere by managed encryption key service – ‘you only get the keys if you are inside the fence – like your office address.

For the first time in the world, access control, tied to ID, tied to encryption keys for content is now governed by where in the world you are – from locking content to a single tower to blocking access in a foreign country – data security has never looked like this for compliance. Dramatically reduces unauthorized leaks in financial services and lock data to authorized executives. A new paradigm shift from email attachments.

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