Secure File Sharing for Business

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Protect your business’s sensitive and confidential data in one of the most secure file sharing solutions on the market.
secure file sharing for business

Keeping board-sensitive data safe

Whether it’s circulating agendas, board papers, or facilitating resolutions and consent processes, SafeShare delivers to boards and committees an encrypted and secure file sharing environment to conduct their business. Files can be accessed, modified and shared with dispersed groups of users on a product that is intuitive and easy-to-use. The audit and access controls are a key component that keeps your data safe.

Protecting your business's intellectual property

For innovative companies, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets is strategic to competitive advantages in the market.
SafeShare’s secure file sharing allows businesses to maintain confidentiality of their intellectual property and trade secrets without impeding the ability of authorized employees to use and share it.

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Employee Data and HR

SafeShare’s secure file sharing provides the visibility and control required to secure HR and employee data from insider threats and outside attacks.

Securing HR data with SafeShare provides an auditable and centrally managed location for data.

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SafeShare is a secure file sharing platform with encryption at the individual file level. It’s designed to meet military-grade security requirements yet is very simple to use (like common file sharing tools). It’s ideal for any business that needs a higher level of security.

Yes you can trial SafeShare free for 7 days here.

Absolutely. Every additional user is $15 per month. You can add or remove users at any time. For help adding more users, email

We allocate 1TB of storage for each organization. As you increase the number of users in your organization, each user is allocated a plan which controls their storage within the 1TB given to the organization. If you require more please email

As a registered user you have access to user documentation. You can also contact our helpful support team to guide you through your subscription; answer any questions you might have and help you with any issues you encounter –

As an admin user, you’re free to cancel your subscription anytime. SafeShare has no lock in contracts, and users can be added or removed at any time. For example, if you decide to remove a user in the middle of your monthly billing cycle, in your next bill, we’ll credit you with the cost associated with the unused days for that user.
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