Solutions for the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR)

When compliance matters, trust SafeShare.

How SafeShare can assist your organization with ITAR compliance

ITAR is one of the most stringent regulations on the market. The SafeShare granular front-end controls and full audit capabilities ensure adhering to file-sharing and collaboration portions of the ITAR regulation are easy. SafeShare is deployed in the FedRAMP Certified AWS GovCloud (US) regions, which satisfies the stringent requirements of ITAR for physical infrastructure management. This pairing of technology helps your organization satisfy ITAR.

SafeShare allows you to seamlessly protect, store and share your sensitive ITAR regulated data in the Cloud while providing a full audit history of every user. SafeShare is a turnkey solution – one low monthly price affords you:

  • A SafeShare tenancy in the FedRAMP Certified AWS GovCloud
  • 24×7 Maintenance and Support
  • 1 TB of data per organization
  • Skilled personnel

All SafeShare FedRAMP Certified AWS GovCloud tenancies are maintained by US nationals. Our professional team has decades of combined experience working in the cybersecurity industry and Armed Forces. We pride ourselves on delivering the product and services you need to assist with compliance.

  • Encryption 

SafeShare secures every file with its own unique encryption key generated by a FIPS 140-2 cryptographic algorithm. Files are encrypted in the browser and stored securely in AWS GovCloud (US). The SafeShare product offers true end-to-end encryption to secure your data.

  • Access controls

The latest technology in defining access controls to protect your data is at your fingertips. SafeShare and its proprietary patented technology gives data owners granular controls to protect your data, define access policies and key management at the file level. 

  • Geofencing

Draw a polygon around any point on Earth and create a digital fence to protect your data. Our SafeShare GeoFencing feature allows you to lock your data to a physical location to add an additional layer of security. Once you lock your sensitive data to a location on the map SafeShare will not allow access to that data outside of the physical boundaries you set. GPS and cellular triangulation make location tracking relatively simple, but is not required with our approach. Network infrastructure of the internet connection of a user is all we need to determine the location and protect your data.

  • Auditing 

Keeping a record of data access is critical for compliance. The SafeShare product and it’s fully featured auditing capabilities give you what you need to know the who, what, when and where as it relates to your data.

  • Whitelisting

Lock your data to trusted persons and organizations. Our Whitelising feature in SafeShare can prevent accidental, or intentional, data leaks by defining organizational domain; ie 

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