Cocoon Data’s Patented Technology

With our patented underlying technology and a new product direction, we’re revolutionising data sovereignty and security by making government and military solutions available to small, medium and large businesses globally.

Revolutionising the way you securely share files and reduce the risk of emailing a link to the wrong person – a all too common human error security breach

SafeShare has our own patented underlying technology that is based on three core principles:

  • Identity – who are you sharing information with
  • Policy – how, when and where can this file be shared to a person or group of people
  • Encryption – when the identity and policy criteria is met the files unique encryption key is then released 

Use Case – reduce a human error breach

Cocoon Data’s patented technology 

Cocoon Data holds United States Patent US 8,806,207 B2 for the “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR SECURING DATA”

SafeShare’s secure “end to end” file encryption technology is protected under Australian and United States Patents since 2014.