Private cloud file sharing

Cyber-Safe, Data-Compliant Collaboration

The explosion of Cloud software and organizational digitization has provided pathways for connectivity and engagement never seen. Yet, legacy architectures, hybrid working, international access and stakeholder security protocols today add complexity and cost to organizations’ demanding data compliance, as the threats of cyber-attacks present considerable risks to the value of companies, staff and ultimately the stability of our societies. For those responsible for data security in government and enterprise, this ongoing challenge can be seen to extend across environmental, social, and corporate governance strategies (ESG) – demanding new technology solutions that strengthen data compliance and cyber. 


Cocoon Private Cloud Application

Custom and configured to an organization’s requirements, Cocoon Private Cloud file sharing​ enables our applications to be configured within a cloud-agnostic environment. 

Designed for cyber-advanced enterprise and government departments, our security and encryption applications are enabled across clients’ private, on-premises data centres or IaaS providers, including AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Oracle.  If your cloud provider supports Kubernetes, it is likely our applications will run on your infrastructure.

Pricing is tailored for large deployments, ranging from thousands of users to hundreds of thousands of users exclusive of the IaaS cost base – a simple license within your cloud provider.

Furthermore, bespoke customization and functionality can be created to wrap-around organizational requirements, including corporate design, operating models, security protocols and tenancy demands.

Custom tenancies

Custom and unlimited tenant structures can be deployed to reflect and support specific organizational design, operating models, and security hierarchy and protocols. Each tenancy is configurable, allowing large organizations to delegate specific administration to departments/sections of the business for optimal governance and administration.


Custom integration

Our Cocoon Private Cloud file sharing is an API driven product. This means all the attributes of the secure objects patented technology are available through our APIs. This affords organizations access to our encryption technology and extensive API integration, enabling organizations to secure data in a way that’s bespoke to infrastructure and security requirements. Additionally, SIEM integration are available through our API to enable log ingest for compliance requirements and “Kill the Key” functionality for advanced threat response.


Customized controls can also be aligned for industry-specific compliance, including CMMC, ITAR, ISO 27001, and HIPAA. 


Custom branding

Cocoon Private Cloud file sharing allows businesses to create a company-branded platform with a custom URL. Dedicated account specialists are assigned to support the development and implementation of the custom environment.

Custom support

Democratizing data security

While we appreciate international clients’ complex needs and the importance of keeping sovereign data safe, our compliance by design principle permeates our Custom Cocoon experience


We believe data security and compliance is mission-critical for every business, regardless of budget and internal technical capability. Our purpose is to make safety and compliance so simple; everyone can be a part of it without threat, concern, limitation, intimidation, or costly mistakes.

Protectors, by nurture.

Cocoon Data is used by organizations of all types around the world, critical, large, and small, to participate safely in the fourth industrial revolution actively. 


Government, Defense & Foreign Diplomats require restricted toolsets. Intra, Inter and Cross-Departmental projects demand uniform, secure platforms to collaborate. Foreign Diplomats need ultra-secure files accessed remotely. 


Market sensitive mergers and takeovers require sharing sensitive data and participant security during mergers and acquisitions. 


Practitioners need to access and collaborate with patient data in healthcare sectors, ensuring HIPPA compliance and patient confidentiality. 


Critical Infrastructure providers demand uniform methods to collaborate and transfer compliance reporting. 


Banks and Financial Institutions, including the UK’s open banking system, need data transference and security.

Customer reviews

Nigel Renton

“NJR Partners provides a fiduciary advisory service to endowments, foundations, families and investment professionals. We regularly need to permit trusted parties to view or download a sensitive document. Cocoon Data provides us with the control to do this simply while providing a detailed audit trail for compliance.”

Nigel Renton

Financial Advisor