Secure file sharing platform

Cocoon Data gives you a more secure way to collaborate.

Cocoon Data is the best way for security-minded organizations to share files safely and easily both within and beyond their business. Our secure file sharing and collaboration platform uses unique patented technology designed around three simple principles:


  1. Identity – who the file is being sent to
  2. Policy – the conditions that have been allocated to the file and how it is accessed
  3. Encryption key – a unique key is sent down to the device to encrypt the file prior to it traveling to the cloud.

It’s this winning formula that allows Cocoon to deliver the security, compliance, governance, and administrative control you need over your data.

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Cocoon Data empowers organizations to share regulated or commercially sensitive data with confidence. Through powerful policymaking tools, unmatched encryption technology, seamless deployment, and exceptional ease of use, Cocoon Data’s secure file sharing platform supports compliance standards for regulated data. An affordable cost-per-user model allows organizations to easily add more team members to the platform. For companies required to keep regulated data behind their own firewall, Cocoon Private Cloud lets you deploy the same solution on a private cloud.


Cocoon makes collaborating on files easy. Simply upload a document by clicking and dragging. Your collaborator will immediately receive an email with a secure link to the file. Users inside and outside of your company with access to the document can make edits with our seamless Microsoft 365 integration, and advanced security options let you set the limits of collaboration.



What’s different about Cocoon Data’s file sharing? Cocoon uses patented encryption technology, unique encryption keys, and a layered security model that is unmatched in the market. Cocoon Data encrypts your data before it is transmitted and secures all data that is sent and received on the platform. You no longer have to worry about sharing documents beyond the walls of your own business – our security measures ensure your documents are secure no matter who views them.


Cocoon helps you meet the most rigorous compliance standards. Organizations in Defense, Healthcare, Business, Education, and Government, use Cocoon Data to meet HIPAA, FIPS, ITAR, CMMC, and other global compliance requirements to govern the sharing of regulated data.  We’re for businesses who cannot and will not compromise on security.  Cocoon Data is ISO/IEC 27001 certified to meet requirements for an information security management system (ISMS).


Admin and policies

Publishing written policies was once a best practice but having a system that enforces policies is even better. Cocoon Data allows administrators to establish rules and policies to govern certain types of documents and the ways they are shared, with control of access, editing privileges, and other parameters. This applies to people both inside and outside your organization. Our security structures also mean Administrators cannot access or view secure data.

Cocoon Private Cloud

Need to store data in your own private cloud? We’ve got you covered. Cocoon Private Cloud offers the same ultra-secure file sharing functionality for organizations needing to protect data behind their own firewall.


Customer reviews

The Hon. Christopher Pyne

“As we all transition to work-from-home arrangements, it is more important than ever to ensure our information is protected. Cocoon Data’s cloud file sharing service is second to none!”

The Hon. Christopher Pyne

Former Australian Minister for Defence