Your Subscription to SafeShare starts at only $15.00* per month 

No annual contract -No hidden fees

*excludes local taxes

No Lock in Annual Contract

Military Grade Security for your Sensitive Files only:

$ 15.00
minimum 3 users/ per month
  • 1TB Storage per organization
  • Data Sovereignty Choice
  • Share files with external parties
  • No lock in annual contracts - flex month by month
  • All prices exclude local tax
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Multiple User Discounts

Your Subscription to SafeShare

As a user you have access to:
Folders and Sharing Files
  • Create folders and upload files
  • Control access to folders and files
  • Share folders and files
  • Download files
  • Managing, viewing and printing files
  • Edit securely in Microsoft 365 online 
  • Access to Microsoft 365 included
Access Control and Policy
  • Classify documents
  • Set and control policy for compliance
  • Viewing activities on secure content
  • Managing secure content through:
    • Geofencing
    • Time Controlled
    • Activate “Blind” Admin Access
    • Dynamic Watermarking
Ability to be an Administrator with the following rights
  • Managing contact groups
  • Administering users within the organization
  • Managing user whitelists
  • Managing classifications
  • Managing clearances
  • Creating user groups
  • Managing user’s storage quotas
  • Generating Auditing reports
  • Configuration properties

SafeShare Features

ISO 27001
Australia Privacy Act
Device Availability
Web & Desktop
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Office 365 - Online Editing
Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP)
SAML 2.0
Access Controls
Geofencing of data
Visual Fingerprinting (when viewing files)
Limit admin data access
IP & Domain Whitelisting
Enforced SSL (HTTPS)
Unique encryption key per file
AES-256 File Encryption
Client side cryptography (on-device)
Multi Factor Authentication
Detail file access log
System-wide reporting
Data Storage Location Options
United States
United Kingdom
Private Cloud Option


Yes – you can trial Safeshare with full functionality and 1TB of Storage. 

 Just click here to register for a free trial – no obligation

Yes. You can add additional users for $15.00 per user per month (ex tax).  

We allocate 1TB of storage for each organization. As you increase the number of users in your organization, each user is allocated a plan which controls their storage within the 1TB given to the organization. If you wish to increase from the standard storage given, please email support. 

As a registered user you have access to user documention and support via email which is constantly monitored.

When you first subscribe to SafeShare (even as a single user) you have access to full admin rights and can establish policies, data plans, document classifications and document access controls.

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Set access via location with Geofencing