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Protect your business’ sensitive and confidential data in one of the most secure file sharing solutions on the market.

Cocoon Data protects your business’ data. From employee and human resources documents to intellectual property - your files are safe with us.


Customers trust Cocoon Data


Regulated data

From an employee’s banking and social security information, through to securing documents linked to regulations such as EAR, an organizations’ Regulated Data demands the most stringent of security and compliance management standards. Trusted by major corporations and governments internationally, Cocoon Data combines ultra secure file sharing with easy-to-use, ‘compliant by design’ interfaces which enable secure file sharing between authorized employees, teams, customers, partners and even complex supply chains.

Sensitive data

Encompassing both regulated and unregulated data, an organization’s Sensitive Data can be extensive, and is often the most likely to become compromised. Be it written documents, imagery or even audio recordings, Cocoon Data’s world-class security and compliance capabilities are coupled with generous storage allowances which enables organizations to remove risk by ensuring the safe storage and sharing of any and all potentially sensitive files.

Keeping board-sensitive data safe

Whether it’s circulating agendas, board papers, or facilitating resolutions and consent processes, Cocoon Data delivers to boards and committees an encrypted and secure file sharing environment to conduct their business. Files can be accessed, modified, and shared with dispersed groups of users on a product that is intuitive and easy-to-use. The audit and access controls are a key component that keeps your data safe.


Protecting your business's intellectual property

For innovative companies, the ability to maintain the confidentiality of intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets is strategic to competitive advantages in the market. Cocoon Data’s secure file sharing allows businesses to maintain confidentiality of their intellectual property and trade secrets without impeding the ability of authorized employees to use and share it.

Employee data and HR

Cocoon Data’s secure file sharing provides the visibility and control required to secure HR and employee data from insider threats and outside attacks. Securing HR information with Cocoon Data provides an auditable and centrally managed location for data.


Customer reviews

Nigel Renton

“NJR Partners provides a fiduciary advisory service to endowments, foundations, families and investment professionals. We regularly need to permit trusted parties to view or download a sensitive document. Cocoon Data provides us with the control to do this simply while providing a detailed audit trail for compliance.”

Nigel Renton

Financial Advisor


Banks, investment firms, finance companies, real estate brokers, insurance, and related businesses need to protect personal and financial data against loss, theft, or misuse. Cocoon Data helps finance companies manage regulated data and meet financial compliance requirements.



Given the personal and sensitive information insurance companies hold on their customers, it’s no surprise the industry is a desirable target for cyber-attackers. Cocoon Data ensures these companies, their people and their customers are protected and compliant with GLBA, NAIC and state insurance laws.


Across the healthcare industry, the need for securing data couldn’t be greater. Be it large pharmaceutical companies, research laboratories, hospitals or local general practitioners, using Cocoon Data ensures these organizations are protected with our HIPAA compliant encryption technology.