How to Share Files with Guests in SafeShare

As a SafeShare member you have the ability to share your sensitive files with an unlimited number of guests at no additional cost.
This short video takes you through this simple process of sharing with guest/s.

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• Locating the Share Icon 0.35
• Enter the Guest’s email, name or contact group 0.50
• Selecting Permission Options 1.02
• Finalising the Share Permissions 1.27


Hello Everyone.

Today’s video demonstration is on how to share files with external guests.

You can add any number of guests to view, download or upload files to your folder at no extra cost.

It’s important to note that you can only share a folder or file/s you are the owner of.

Unless, you have been given co-owner access by the owner of that folder or file.

Once you have logged into SafeShare, on the homepage, we begin by accessing the folder and/or file you wish to share.

You are able to share an entire folder with multiple files or, select certain files within that folder.

To do this we click on the Share icon displayed to the right of the folder or files’ name.
Or alternatively you can right click on the folder.

SafeShare will then ask you who you wish to collaborate with.
Here we can enter the guest’s email, name or contact group if there are many guests.

We then click on what kind of permission we wish to grant these guests. With a range of options shown.

Each permission will grant a different kind of access to the guest collaborator.
You can change permissions for each guest collaborator at any given time.

We click ‘share’ to finalise our changes.

If you have entered an unsaved collaborator SafeShare will confirm you wish to share.

The guest collaborator will now receive an email notification letting them know that new files have been shared with them on SafeShare.

And that completes our video demonstration on how to share files with external guests.

I hope you found this video helpful in building your regular data workflows.

Thank you for choosing SafeShare for your security needs.

Have a great day!