How to Keep Data Secure

Why SafeShare?

SafeShare is the answer to the question “How to keep our data secure?”

Unlike many other file sharing platforms, SafeShare was designed from the outset to help secure information for those working in some of the world’s most sensitive industries.


A growing number of organizations, especially those in defense and government, are required to document their approach to keeping data secure. They have to achieve compliance with existing and new standards for compliance. SafeShare is well positioned to provide an affordable and simple solution to assist organizations in meeting their requirements.

Secure Objects

SafeShare has patented technology for securing data and utilizes what we call Secure Objects.   

Secure Objects enables detailed control over your information through creating a AES-256 key that individually encrypts at the data object level.

Patented Secure Objects approach to providing data centric security and control around 3 core elements.


A single AES-256 Encryption key for each data object providing granular access control at the object level.

How to Keep Data Secure?

Typically, the approach to cybersecurity is to protect an intrusion from a bad actor with various tools that block access – think of it as a moat around a castle. Once you breach the moat, you’re in.

Our “Secure Object” approach is different. In the unlikely event of an intrusion, your data is still highly secure. Why? Because each object – or file – is individually locked. And those files are unreadable without their own, unique key.

SafeShare’s approach – where individual object encryption is occurring – has a profound effect on the way sensitive data is stored and shared, and  particularly on how that data is protected when transmitted across public networks.

Simplify the compliance journey with SafeShare, the easy to use solution.

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