HIPAA compliant file sharing

Securely store confidential health records and control how information is shared.

In healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, health research, and related businesses, the security of information is a vital concern. From patient records to organizational data, the practice of storing and sharing sensitive information requires maximum-security cloud storage, simple and secure file sharing, and scalable space to store large amounts of data. Cocoon Data is the HIPAA compliant file sharing platform that meets strict requirements for all healthcare organizations to safely and securely share health related documents, inside and outside your organization. 


Cocoon Data is the HIPAA compliant file sharing, cloud-based platform that lets health organizations store and share sensitive data securely.


Customers trust Cocoon Data


HIPAA compliant

All healthcare organizations are subject to HIPAA compliance. Cocoon Data is the top HIPAA compliant file sharing platform for healthcare organizations. Meet national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge.


Share and store data securely

Hospitals, doctors, care facilities, and laboratories need to store data securely while simultaneously sharing it with their information partners. Patient records, images, test results, and other regulated data require the highest levels of protection — yet must be easy to share with authorized parties. Cocoon Data provides a complete, secure cloud file storage and sharing platform for health-related information. Have complete peace of mind knowing your most sensitive data is secure, whether it’s shared internally or externally.

Access information anywhere

Health and business outcomes are driven by the availability of data to the right people at the right time. With Cocoon, patient health information, benefit eligibility inquiries, claims, referral authorization requests, and other data is easily shared with the users and/or devices you authorize.


Customer reviews

“We implemented Cocoon Data to collaborate on sensitive patient records in real time, which is industry compliant and user-friendly. We have a zero-tolerance for any risk when it comes to sharing patient and business information. Cocoon Data has delivered exactly what we needed. They listen to our feedback and have supported our growth with new features and functionality and it’s been easy to onboard when we have partnered with new hospitals and health organizations.”

Stephen McGowan

My Emergency Doctor | CTO