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Keep Financial Services data secure

Cocoon Data helps financial institutions ensure they remain compliant when trying to manage sensitive information. With a patented encryption technology that helps replace many forms of outdated technology, we provide file sharing for financial services that is extremely easy to use and implement within an organization of any size. You’ll get the highest level of security with Cocoon Data, making it a great option for companies who share NPI or sensitive information, like intellectual property.

encrypted file sharing platform
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Cocoon allows Financial Services organizations to manage and secure all their most important data.

GDPR Compliant
CCPA Compliant
ISO 27001

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Prepare for GLBA-compliance

The need for more robust data protection is not new. GLBA governs how Financial Services organizations manage people’s private data, and not adhering to the compliance standard can be costly. Cocoon Data ensures its practices meet regulated document requirements when it comes to file sharing for financial services, so your company can rest easy knowing you’re one step closer to GLBA-compliance. 

encrypted file sharing platform
encrypted file sharing platform

Handle Financial Services data securely

Information from date of birth to social security numbers constitutes the data that a financial services organization must protect. Cocoon Data ensures that its practices meet regulated document requirements for a variety of industries and businesses – including financial institutions – which handle a lot of personal customer information on a daily basis. 

Share NPI safely

Data collaboration is made easy, and is always safe, with Cocoon Data. Our patented encryption technology makes data sharing for financial services affordable and allows you to protect sensitive information, placing us above and beyond competitors at helping your business minimize risk.

encrypted file sharing platform

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Keeping Your Financial Services Data Secure

Customer reviews

Nigel Renton
“NJR Partners provides a fiduciary advisory service to endowments, foundations, families and investment professionals. We regularly need to permit trusted parties to view or download a sensitive document. Cocoon Data provides us with the control to do this simply while providing a detailed audit trail for compliance.”
Nigel Renton

Financial Advisor