Cocoon Data is deeply committed to responsible environmental practices. Doing business as a carbon-neutral platform is just the beginning. We also participate in programs to actively fund carbon removal schemes and support the acceleration of ocean impact initiatives.


CO2 Neutral Website Member

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges to global wellbeing, and CO2 emissions from coal-fired power plants are among the most significant causes of the greenhouse gas effect. With our membership in the CO2 Neutral Website initiative, we have taken a decisive role in making the Cocoon Data platform carbon neutral.

Through our CO2 Neutral Website certification, we compensate for the total CO2 emissions caused by the operation of the Cocoon Data platform. The CO2 Neutral organization independently calculates Cocoon’s annual website emissions and Cocoon makes an annual payment to mitigate this environmental impact. CO2 Neutral uses this funding to reduce carbon emissions through participation in Gold Standard initiatives that meet the demands of UN auditors. We began participating in the CO2 Neutral Website initiative in 2021.

Stripe Climate

Cocoon Data directs 1% of its revenue to help scale emerging carbon removal technologies.
This committed revenue is used to fund carbon removal through our affiliation with Stripe Climate. This revenue allotment is shown on all invoices and receipts sent to customers. We began participating in the Stripe Climate program in 2021 and are proud to be part of another great organization leading positive change.

The Ocean Impact

The Ocean Impact Organisation was created to help transform ocean health through the support and acceleration of ocean impact businesses. These efforts are undertaken through a range of start-up programs, mentoring, and financial support given to businesses that are positively impacting the ocean. Cocoon Data has been a proud sponsor of The Ocean Impact Organisation since 2020 and great advocate for the annual OiO PitchFest every year.

CO2 Neutral Website
Ocean Impact Organisation