Using the dynamic watermarking feature in Cocoon Data

With Cocoon Data’s dynamic watermarking feature you can prevent screen capturing on any of your files you’re sharing.

When you first login to Cocoon Data this feature will already be enabled. And it will be applied to any files you have selected the ‘view’ permission for a user.

For instance, when you click ‘share’ on the file, alongside the user you are adding, you can select their access control, and from the list of permissions shown, click ‘view’ to apply the dynamic watermark.

The dynamic watermark will look something like this. You can see my email address is displayed, The date and time I’m viewing the file, as well as the url and file ID. This watermark is personalized for every user. If any user took a screenshot, it could easily be traced back to the user that took it.

Now if you want a user to have view-only access to a file, but you don’t want to have a watermark applied, you can do this via a setting in the admin portal. As settings in the admin portal affect your entire organization, make sure you’re happy to apply any changes with consideration to your users.

As an administrator, make your way to the admin portal. Click on ‘configuration’ and alongside ‘Is watermarking of viewed files enabled?’ select ‘edit’ and untick the box. Save your changes.

The property value will now appear as false, meaning that dynamic watermarking is no longer applied to the ‘view’ only access control.

To change it back simply click ‘edit’ and tick the box.