Cocoon Data Known Issues

This article lists known issues that you may experience while using Cocoon Data. The Cocoon Data team continues to improve all the time and we will update this list as we resolve issues


Disappearing Document After Page Load

Problem: When trying to view a shared document using the link from a notification email, the document is removed from the user’s view a few seconds after the page is loaded. See the resolution here.


Microsoft Office Online Server Document Lock

Problem: When using Office Online Server in Cocoon Data you may notice that you can’t immediately check-in .xlsx and .pptx files. An error will appear as shown in the screenshot below:

This means that the Office Online Server has a 30 minute hold on the file. After this hold ends you can check in the document.

Resolution: There is currently no patch from Microsoft to fix this bug. Once a patch is available from Microsoft we will deploy it as quickly as possible.


Transfer Of Ownership With Files Checked Out In Office Online Server

Problem: When a file is checked out by a user and an administrator performs a transfer of ownership the file will transfer owners, but will remain checked out to the old user. This locks the file from edit by the new owner and anyone else the document is shared with. The newest version of the document currently checked out will also be unavailable to the new owner.

Resolution: If you experience this issue please contact We have a workaround that will resolve the file lock. We are currently working on a permanent fix.