How to ‘Kill the Key’ in Cocoon Data – retracting access to your files you’ve shared

In this tutorial we will walk through how you can instantly revoke access to any of your files. 

There are two ways in which you can do this – as the file owner or as the Administrator.

A file owner can remove users individually, by selecting the share icon and from the pop-up clicking on the remove button alongside the user you want to revoke access for.

An Administrator can do this too. However they can also revoke access to all collaborators of a file in one easy click. Even if they are not the owner.

Navigate to the Admin panel. Select Files, and search or locate the file you want to revoke access for.

Click ‘enabled’ and access to the file will immediately be revoked and be displayed here as ‘disabled.’

By revoking access as a file owner or an administrator you can pull files being viewed instantaneously even if they are currently being viewed on a user’s desktop.

If you change your mind or wish to switch access back on, you can either re-add users to the file or click ‘disabled’ and it will revert back to ‘enabled.’