Getting Started in Cocoon Data – Walkthrough

Hello everyone,

In this video I’m going to show you how to get started as an originator inside of Cocoon Data.

As an originator you can upload, create, share, and manage documents with your team securely in just a few steps. So, let’s get started.

First, I’m going to create a new folder here. And we’ll click on it to go into this folder. And I’m going to, from my desktop, get a folder to upload and simply drag and drop that into the web interface. So, what we’re seeing here is the upload starting. So, it’s recursively uploading all of those files at the same time. So, we can go ahead and go into this folder and we can see the documents have been uploaded.

Next, we’ll just back up, and for navigation we can use the breadcrumb trail, I’ll go ahead and click on this, and now we can select which folder I want to go back into. And then I’ll just upload quick document. So, I can drag and drop a document into the interface, same as a folder.

Next, I’ll show you how to create an office document inside of Cocoon Data. Let’s go ahead and click create, select the document type, we’ll pick a name, and then this will take us directly into Office online for Cocoon Data. We can see this familiar interface of Office online, however this is not hosted by Microsoft this is hosted by Cocoon Data. We can go ahead and save the document and return. And now we can see that we have this document that we can share out directly.

Sharing files and folders inside of Cocoon Data is simple. We simply right click, select share, we’ll type in an email address. We can select the permissions from this drop-down menu, and we’ll go ahead and click add to add him to the list of collaborators. We’ll click share and we can see immediately that he is added to the list of collaborators, and from the details menu we can quickly change this from the drop-down menu.

Additionally, we can share out entire folders which will recursively share all the documents inside of that folder. We can select the permissions again, add him to the list of collaborators and click share. Once we go into this folder, we’ll be able to select any particular document and see that he was indeed added to the list of collaborators.

Once we are done with the document and would like to remove it we can remove it simply and easily by clicking remove and confirming. Now this will send the document to Cocoon Data’s recycle bin feature, which we can view here. We can select our view, either all files, shared with me, sharing and recycle bin. We can see here that we have multiple files, and we can empty our recycle bin to reclaim the storage for our account. Now the recycle bin is empty and we have that reclaimed storage.

We can navigate back to the home menu by clicking home and we’re back where we started.

That is all for this video. I hope you found this video helpful in building your regulated data workflows. Thank you for choosing Cocoon Data for your security needs. Have a great day.