Geofencing in Cocoon Data – Tutorial

Hello Everyone.

In this video I will show you how to use our Geofencing feature for controlling access to location sensitive information.

Let’s go ahead and get started.

In the organization administration portal, from the left navigation panel, select ‘Geo location’.

Next, click on the ‘select country’ drop down menu. You can use the alphanumeric keys to help navigate. For example, pressing ‘U’ will take you to the countries that start with that letter.
After selecting your country, enter the address of your desired location in the address form.

You can click on the address to auto complete. Press ‘select location’ to renew the map.

In location alias’, you can type in a more memorable name for your Geofence.

On the map you will find a draggable polygon. Simple drag the points to where you would like them to be. And once you are done click ‘save’ to store the Geofence location.

After you have saved your Geofence you can view it in the saved Geofence tab on the Geolocation menu.

To apply a Geofence lock to a document navigate to your data room. Hover your mouse over the document you want and click the share button. Enter a username or group name and set the permissions.

Now extend authorized Geofences and click all you wish to apply. And click ‘share’.

You have now successfully applied Geofence locks to your location sensitive data.

That is all for this video. I hope you found this video helpful in building your regulated data workflows.

Thank you for choosing Cocoon Data for your security needs.

Have a great day!