Enforcing MFA as a Cocoon Data Admin

Enforcing MFA

  1. From the Cocoon Data Admin Portal select “Configuration”.

2. In configuration edit “Enforce two-factor authentication for organization members”.

3. Check the “Property value” selection box to enable MFA.

4. MFA enforcement can be disabled by a Cocoon Data organization admin by unchecking this property value.


Additional Considerations:
  • It is strongly recommended that an organization has at least 2 admins for lockout protection. 
  • Once MFA is enforced users will be sent a link from Cocoon Data with instructions on how to configure MFA. This link expires within 24 hours for security reasons. Proper planning and implementation is highly recommended. 
  • Once a Cocoon Data administrator enforces MFA all members of the organization will be required to configure MFA. The user can not disable MFA on their own unless MFA enforcement is disabled by a Cocoon Data Administrator of your organization.

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