Cocoon Data Administrator MFA Recovery – Disaster Relief

Admin MFA Recovery – What To Do If All Administrators Lose Access To MFA Tokens

If your Cocoon Data Organization Administrators simultaneously lose access to their MFA tokens due to an organization wide device migration or any other reason please follow this guide.

Our mission is to enable the Defense Industrial Base to do their good work to ultimately enable and defend our War Fighters. We recognize that there are some rare circumstances that may lead to a situation where your Cocoon Data administrators lose access to MFA and are unable to access Cocoon Data. There is a recovery procedure where we can assist you in regaining MFA access to your administer accounts. Cocoon Data has strict policies governing the MFA recovery processes in order to protect your organization’s security. 

Recovery Process 

Strict adherence to this guide is required for MFA recovery. Please use the included document template to assist you in this process. A written request must be submitted and containing the following information: 

  1. A letterhead containing affected Organizations’ information and Logo.
  2. A description of the incident/or circumstance that led to account lockout. 
  3. Copy of State/Federale ID issued to the Administrator requesting lockout relief.
  4. Two contacts within the organization (Other than the affected party) that can validate the request. Information of contacts must include the following:
    1. Name
    2. Position/Rank
    3. Phone Number
    4. Work email
    5. A written statement from both contacts stating they are aware of and authorize the account recovery process.
    6. Signature of both contacts. 
  5. Statement of authorization for a Cocoon Data Compliance Officer to contact any and all parties involved to validate the request for recovery.
  6. Date of request.
  7. Signature of the affected administrator.
  8. Send the document containing the above information from a work email address securely (encrypted communication strongly recommended) to


Account Recovery Requstion Template: Admin MFA Recovery Form