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critical infrastructure security
September 23, 2021

Critical Infrastructure Security: Responding to the Executive Order

Critical infrastructure security is becoming everyone’s business. Here’s how to help your organization comply with regulations quickly and cost-effectively.

healthcare data security
September 2, 2021

Innovation and Secure File Sharing in Healthcare Data Security Best Practices

The healthcare sector is one of many industries that have recently been in the media spotlight for cyber security issues, data breaches and the unauthorized release of patient information. In this article, we explore three practical steps healthcare providers can take on their journey to improving healthcare data security practices.

July 21, 2021

Driving CMMC across the supply chain

Department of Defense (DoD) requirements mean contractors must ensure CMMC compliance within their own organizations, and throughout their supply chains. With multi-million dollar contracts at stake, the cost of non-compliance – and even small mistakes with suppliers – is significant.

July 12, 2021

Cocoon Data welcomes new partner Vimy

We're delighted to welcome Vimy Services to the Cocoon Data partner family. Vimy is a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organisation, bringing exceptional levels of experience and know-how to complex challenges in the world of cybersecurity.

secure file transfer methods
December 24, 2020

Why Would You File Share When You Can “SafeShare” Instead?

How eFortresses leveraged SafeShare to streamline CMMC training and implementation processes safely and securely for HISPI and eFortresses CMMC SCORECARD service.

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