AWS Partner Program

Cocoon Data is a recognized partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Initially designed for the military, Cocoon Data is a highly-secure file-sharing, collaboration, and data management platform that enables users to share sensitive data outside organizational firewalls, safely, and compliantly. 


Cocoon Data is deployed in multiple AWS Gov Clouds and Data centers and can be utilized as a public cloud or private cloud, helping businesses store and transfer regulated and commercially sensitive data.


Our platform supports organizations that need to adhere to the world’s most stringent compliance regulations, including CMMC, ITAR, HIPAA, GDPR, and FERPA.  We are proud to be a member of the AWS Partner Program.

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What we do

Cocoon Data uses a unique patented encryption technology that is both FIPS and NIST certified, to keep users’ files and data safe, and at the same time maintaining easy access.  

We call it our “Secure Objects technology”, and it works by:

  • Encryption being initiated when we allocate a unique key to the user’s file, encrypting files before they depart the device to the cloud, without a trace of the key remaining on the uploading device.
  • The encrypted file is then linked to an identity, including the creator and recipient, ensuring only those identified can access the file
  • Finally, our application embeds a Policy condition to each-individual file, determining under what conditions the file can be accessed by way of the encryption key release. For example, a Geolocation, time, edit or view classification and many more.

Highly secure features

As part of the AWS Partner Program, Cocoon Data is designed with security at the forefront. Unlike standard data-sharing and collaboration platforms, Cocoon Data offers an expansive set of high-security features that provide layers of protection.

Secure Data Sharing Platform​

Secure Data Sharing Platform

Immediately deployable, highly-secure, file-sharing, collaboration and data management platform. This single tenancy solution provides an expansive set of high-security features including; geofencing, dynamic watermarking, multi-factor authentication, time and location access for any device, with zero trust facility, choice of data sovereignty control and integrated Microsoft Windows environment.

Cocoon Data Custom Cloud

Custom and configured to an organization’s requirements, Cocoon Custom Cloud enables our applications to be configured within a cloud-agnostic environment.

As a unique offering on the AWS Partner Program, our solution allows each tenancy to be configurable, offering large organizations to delegate specific administration to departments or sections of the business for optimal governance and administration.

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Customer reviews

Car y Glover

“I would recommend Cocoon Data to any organization that needs to be in compliance with ITAR, and am confident the product and company will stand up to that reference.”

Cary Glover

Cast-Rite Corporation | US Defense Contractor