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Store and share your confidential information within your SafeShare secure environment.

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Helping businesses protect their confidential information

SafeShare can help with our simple and affordable way for businesses to securely store and share confidential information. Learn how SafeShare can help protect sensitive files by aligning to CMM Level 1 – Basic Cyber Hygiene.

The Ultimate Control

Keeping US data in the US

With SafeShare, your confidential data is securely stored in a specifically designed US facility that meets the regulatory and compliance requirements of US government agencies. This includes federal, state, and local level, as well as other US based entities that have sensitive workloads.

SafeShare – Level 1 CMMC Alignment Mapping

See how the functionality of SafeShare maps to Level 1 CMMC to support your business with compliance.  

Researched by: 

Nickcolus Martin | U.S Navy Veteran,  Senior Engineer of GovCloud Operations.  Cocoon Data – Texas, USA

CMMC Alignment map image