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Protect your confidential information with SafeShare's Geofencing feature

USA Geofence restriction

Geofencing - a revolution in controlling content based on where a person Is.

Cocoon Data’s unique patented technology means you can create a wall (geofence) to protect where your files can be opened.  Simply type in an address (street/city/state/country) and on a map adjust the wall around your desired location.

As a result, you can limit who can access a confidential file or files based on where they are located. For example, if a geofence was applied to the state of Texas, only users within the state could access the file. Any user located outside the geofence would be unable to access the file.

Geofences can be applied at file or folder level.

Keeping US data in the US

With SafeShare, your confidential data is securely stored in a specifically designed US facility that meets the regulatory and compliance requirements of US government agencies. This includes federal, state, and local level, as well as other US based entities that have sensitive workloads.

SafeShare for Business

 $15.00* per month, per user

As a SafeShare subscriber you have:

  • 1TB (pooled) of secure storage per organization
  • Control over how you share your data 
  • Ability to add/remove users as required, calculated daily, billed monthly. 
  • Full auditing to help with complianceuser

Order by March 31st, 2021 today and receive a 15% discount off all users for the first year.   

  • No annual lock in contracts
  • Month to month subscription – cancel anytime 
  • *Local taxes not included

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